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OpenTrack API - Use OpenTrack as the Digital Twin of a Railway System

OpenTrack API

OpenTrack offers an application programming interface (API) to connect other applications with OpenTrack. The other application can send standardized commands to OpenTrack and gets defined status messages back from OpenTrack. Technically, SOAP-Messages are exchanged via HTTP (SOAP over HTTP).

Digital Twin

Gary McGuire - Head of Research and Development, Siemens Rail Automation UK:

“The use of simulation allows the creation of a ‘digital twin’ of the railway, so that ideas can quickly be developed using agile techniques, then tested on the simulated ‘twin’ rather than the real railway.”

Possible applications

A presentation of the OpenTrack API allows a better insight into the functionality of the API. (Download of the presentation - PDF, 2.9 MB). For further information on the OpenTrack API, please contact us.